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Rent to Own

 "Providing clients, Path to Home Ownership since 2005"


Rent to Own (RTO) is an alternative method to home ownership which is becoming the choice of more and more Canadians daily. Continuous changes to Mortgage rules by the Federal Government is keeping Home Ownership at bay for many deserving families. Rent to Own offers an opportunity for these deserving families to move into their Dream Home "Today".

Growing in popularity, RTO is a very effective way for consumers, who may have been declined a mortgage, to overcome tight lending guidelines and be a home owner soon!

  • People typically embark on an RTO Program because of issues such as: Bruised or no credit
  • Insolvency such as a Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal Divorce
  • Too low of a down payment Inability to meet the "Stress Test"

The good news is, we are here to help on your path to home ownership!

I bring you, Canada's  Leading  Rent  to  Own  Program!

A Rent to Own Planner will speak with you personally to determine if our Rent to Own program is suitable to your financial situation. If so, you will be able to start your home search right away. Over the course of the RTO Program term, we will work with you to build your Credit Profile to Bank standards. At the end, we will help you secure traditional mortgage financing.

It all seems quite simple. In fact, it is simple - but the proper care and effort must be taken to ensure you are able to qualify for your own mortgage at the end of the term. Stick to the plan laid out for you and you'll be a home owner soon.

We understand how big of a life move it is to purchase a home and we're excited to work with you to accomplish this... nothing feels better!

Read on to learn more and how we will,

Select the home you want to live, with approved financing budget, as you qualify for the program by one of our investors. 

Improve your financial position and improve your overall financial footing

Potentially build "significant" equity while becoming a Home Owner

Pride of home ownership - you are essentially the home owner NOW!

What We Do

How Do You Qualify

We start with a quick Inquiry Form.

Have an initial consultation with a Rent to Own Planner regarding your objectives and financial situation.

You will be provided a customized Rent to Own Program Quote and Path to Homeownership Exit Strategy.

You Provide Supporting Documents.

You will be matched with an Investor and together with your Realtor, you can start shopping!

Work with our transaction team to discuss and finalize next steps

The Steps in the Process:

A brief discussion about your Initial Inquiry to learn more about you and your situation and why Rent to Own may be the best option for you right now

We take time to:

  • understand your needs & objectives
  • explain your home ownership options
  • explain how the RTO program works
  • You complete your monthly budget and financing application to help us determine your maximum home price
  • You will pull your Equifax credit report and we review it with you to get an understanding of your Credit Score/Profile and what must be done to improve it to Mortgage Standards
  • We tailor an action plan for you to follow,  which will get you to home ownership sooner

Assess & create a mutually agreeable Rent to Own term based on the information provided in the financing application and previous discussions

Start shopping for your new home with your real estate specialists Investor Purchase of your new home

  • All parties agree to a price and an offer is placed
  • Clauses for inspection, appraisal & financing are satisfied
  • Upon removal of purchase conditions, pay the remaining balance of option consideration
  • Finalize the amounts for: rent, Option credit (Monthly Savings Component) based on FINAL Purchase Price
  • Sign your New Lease and your Option contract (Future Purchase and Sale Agreement)
  • Receive ILA - Independent Legal Advice

Solidify possession date & get ready to move!

Welcome Home

  • Thorough walk-through inspection of your property together with your realtor
  • Move in and start enjoying YOUR New home!

Enact the Action Plan

  • Quarterly meetings to ensure you are sticking to your action plan and moving toward mortgage qualification


  • 4 months prior to the end of your RTO term, you are prequalified for your own financing
  • You obtain a mortgage for the home, and it is all yours!

What Consumers are asking...

People often ask, "what is the benefit to Rent to Own for me?".

The true benefit of our Rent to Own program is to get you into a home of your choice NOW, while you take the time needed to improve your credit and/or build up your down payment further. In addition, if you buy a home using Rent to Own in a growing Real Estate market, the financial benefits can be considerable given your future Purchase price with Rent to Own is capped. See the following Example of how Rent To Own can be extremely financially beneficial (Talk more with one of our Rent to Own Planners).


Book your free no-obligation one-on-one consultation for more information or question you may have!



Your Path to becoming a Home Owner Soon!