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3 Simple Step Buying






Mortgage.(Help in Pre-approval)

We have mortgage professionals in our team, having a wide range of mortgage products to offer, to our clients.

To fulfill their needs as per their individual needs.



Search for property.

With multiple real estate board membership, We have access to very large data base of MLS.

When we put a search, you can be 100% certain, that you are not missing any available property, as per your needs and criteria.



Offer Preperation and Presentation

Prepareing an winning offer, needs lot of back ground work, so your offer is aligned with market value and your are comfortable with all financial commitment.

Also as buying real estate is, investing in your future,  planing for more secure financial future, and you should be able to make good profit on your investment.

We have the tools and professional advice, to achieve the target.







One Window Home Buying

​You will have all kind of information at your disposal, to make an informed decision, on your offer amount.

More details, how this always works for every one.

I have delovped an simple 3 Step system, which brings in desired results always and in timely manner. 

I will always be with you on each step, to answer any questions or concerns and guide you with my professnial advice.

3 Step System

Step 1:- Mortgage Pre-Approval


First step to start the process is to get an dollar amount number for your purchase. 

I have professional mortgage brokers in my team, who will take care of pre-approval process at no cost to you.

Plus once, we have an commitment letter, your interest rate will be guaranted and locked for four months. 

So you can search for your dream house with ease knowing that changing of rate is not going to effect your deal.

It's essential to know the affordability or your home buying power. Once we know how much home can be afforded, then a proper search can be started, as per your buying critetia. 


This save time, effort and no disappointments.


Step 2:- Property Search


Once we know the affordability then we start property search with our well connected search engine.            Through multiple Real Estate Boards membership, I have access to multiple association data base from Toronto to Niagara fall.


So, when I start search, its very comprehensive.


You will get all the properties in your inbox, which matches your buying criteria, as soon as they are available for sale.


You might also get access to properties, which are off the market and not available on any public website on line, if they match your buying critetia.


You will never miss out on any property.


You be amoung the very first one's, to look at the properties. 


Search results can also include coming soon properties, bank forclosure, distress sale if they meet your buying criteria.


Step 3:- Professnial offer presentation and price negotiation.


Once we have norrowed down an property,

I will provide, with Cumulative Market Analysis (CMA) sold compatibles in the area, to give you up to date market value.

That way, we can perpare a good balanced offer, which will be tempting to seller and save you thousands of dollars by not going over the value. 

Provide you with civic data for neighbourhood like public & private schools, parks, libaries, shopping centres etc.       

Provide you with land survey, if applicable.

Financial details are also calculated and provided on your bi-weekly mortgage payment, closing cost, total down payment, needed at closing and your total monthly obligation including property tax.

This extra financial calculation shows you, your total obligation, no surprices on closing. 

No need to wait for the lawyer or mortgage company, for all of these calculations.

Buying Story

Buying a house is a process with lots of steps, there are many questions, regarding property, mortgage, interest rate, down payment, closing cost, just to name few.

With one window home buying, you can relax that all details will be looked after in your best interest, with prifessionalism at it's peak.

In Ontario, the body which takes care and regulates the real estate transations is Real Estate Council Of Ontario,(RECO).

Council has develop procedures and rules to save gaurd all the parties involed in any transation, Realtor agents for buyer/seller and both buyer & seller as well, so the deal goes through smoothly and honestly with out any hassle.

RECO provides membership to qualified individuals to act as Realtor in such deals.

Although all Realtors follow the rules but not all Realtors can bring in desired results, this could be for number of reasons and number one would be lack of experince.


Please call/text 905-966-6038 or fill in the request below to learn how this can help you, no obligation or strings attached.

Discuess your particular buying criteria, at time of your convenience. 

Ask any question or concerns, you might have.